Monday, October 28, 2013

carving away

last night we carved pumpkins.  well, i kind of took over and carved the whole thing, but jeremy was a good sport and let me.  he also dug through the pumpkin guts to save the seeds so we could roast them (a first for me).  they were WAY better than i imagined.  they have a popcorn taste which is always delicious and i guess they are full of all sorts of nutrients that our bodies need so that's a plus, too. 
we carved a zombie busting out of its grave.  i think it is pretty sweet.  i love the skull on the gravestone.  it reminds me of the skulls on the ancient gravestones around boston.  i totally want my gravestone to have one.  i'm working on convincing jeremy.  anyways... i love our carved pumpkin.  we might carve the mini one, too... just to keep the festivities going.  there can never be enough pumpkin guts this time of year.

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