Thursday, October 31, 2013

game six

for game six, i went to fenway... of course!
i headed downtown with dane and aimee to see the excitement. (jeremy was hanging out with the young men at church and then was coming to meet us.)  it was a hopping place! 

we walked around, trying to find tvs to see what was going on.  we could definitely hear it all, we were right behind the green monster, and we knew the sox were rocking it with all the cheering going on.  i decided i had to have a hat to commemorate the event since we were of course going to win!

we found a sweet set up in the parking lot right behind the green monster.  they were decked out with a radio, a tv, posters, and mits in case a homer cleared the park.  they let us hang out with them so we could see the happenings of the game.  it was pretty awesome!

at about the 5th inning there was a huge mob trying to break into the park, so the police cleared everyone out.  we somehow were allowed to stay in the parking lot with a few other fans, which was a stroke of wonderful luck.  the police barricaded us in and no one else was getting in without a ticket to the game. the bad news, jeremy hadn't arrived yet.  he was barricaded out and there was no way of him getting in, believe me... he tried!

so after i got my feel of fenway and realized that we were most certainly going to win the game, i left to meet up with jeremy.  i wanted to avoid the crowds and craziness that was going to be coming out of the park when the game ended.  we met up at the devoted prudential building seriously minutes before the sox won.  we got to watch the winning pitch from the sidewalk on a restaurant's tv and then the horn honking and hollering began (well, continued... it had already begun).  we gave a good yell, kissed a celebratory kiss, and headed home to our cozy bed.

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