Friday, October 11, 2013

The Paramount

our quest for the best: BREAKFAST PLACE

round 5

667 East Broadway, Boston, MA 02127

the deets:

the food: was amazing!  i got a breakfast sandwich (egg, cheese, and sausage on an english muffin) that came with homefries with a side of hot chocolate.  hannah and cassandra got waffles (one covered in fruit and one covered in chocolate chips!!) everything looked incredible and so tasty.  i loved my sandwich... it may be my favorite one so far! it was huge, not what i was expecting, and it was just perfect.

prices: the prices were extremely reasonable.  i got my meal plus hot chocolate for under 9.00.

service: the place was spotless and the service was very fast! (it was pretty empty since it was a thursday morning) we had our food in our hands either before we paid at the counter or right after.  they were making it on the spot in front of our very eyes, so it was fresh and fast.  they also came and cleared our plates when we were finished and didn't mind when we stayed and chatted for a while.  they didn't offer to top off our waters (which may have been because of the cafeteria style), but i'm sure it wouldn't have been a problem had we asked. 

the verdict:
i am definitely going back!  i have to take jeremy (maybe we will try their beacon hill location).  it was really lovely.  it's also a perfect place to meet friends where you can enjoy the good food and not worry about who will get the check or how to split it, because everyone pays as they order their stuff. this might be my top pick.  i loved it. 

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Barb said...

This is such a cute place!