Saturday, November 2, 2013

giving thanks #2

i'm thankful for my east coast adventure.

i love living here. there is so much to see and do and so much history around here. it has certainly been a learning experience being so far from my family and i have grown up in many ways.  i have learned more about who i am, what i stand for, and who i want to become.  i'm not sure how long this adventure will last (at least another year and half) and i am enjoying every moment of it.

today we went to the red sox victory parade (world series champs!  woot woot!) which will forever be one of the highlights of living here.  the weather was absolutely perfect - these fall days are just dreamy.  we saw tons of players, whooped and hollered, and tried to catch the dancing confetti.  it was a fun time.  after the parade, we visited saus for some healthy snacks with our friends noelle and eric.  the girls got floats (i got a cream soda one... yum!), the boys got corn dogs, and we shared 2 rounds of fries. we had a lovely time and it was so fun to celebrate our favorite city.

i love it!

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Barb said...

Ohh so fun, love your pictures!