Saturday, December 14, 2013

a christmas ballet

last night our date started off with some delicious saucy chicken over rice at pf chang's. yum!  they also have lovely hot chocolate, which isn't on the menu but if you ask nicely, they can make you one.  after our dinner, we walked over to the boston opera house to see THE NUTCRACKER!  i remember going once with my mom when i was really little, but i couldn't remember much about it, so it seemed to be a first for both of us.

we had no idea what to expect or much about the story line, but it was quite the performance.  we certainly enjoyed it.  ballet is very intimidating and so exact. they have skills!  i loved the battle scene, the mice were hilarious.  jeremy's favorite part was towards the end when the dancers representing different countries danced for clara.  it was neat stuff!

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