Tuesday, December 3, 2013


dear december, 

we are pretty grand friends.  i love everything about you. i have had a wonderful time so far and you have only been around for few days.  hooray for your arrival!  i love that you are all about family, love, service, and Christ.  may we remember these things amidst the commercialized distractions and keep Christ at the center of our celebrations. 

dear christmas music, 

you are a constant in my life.  my alarm clock, my workout music, in my car, on my computer, on my phone... i just can't get enough.  we buy a new christmas album every december and we are beginning to have quite the collection.  you have a way of bringing cheer to all that hear. 

dear nat king cole, 

you are completely wonderful.  your holdiay album fills me with happy memories and soothes my soul.  everyone needs to purchase it.  my favorite is the first track, the christmas song.  you are the perfect addition to any cold, december night.

dear hot chocolate, 

oh how i love you! your warmth, your deliciousness, your calming effects.  i have perfected the process to achieve the ideal temperature and utmost chocolate-y-ness.  i begin with two scoops of swiss miss milk chocolate and two scoops of stephen's mint truffle.  when the tea pot whistles i pour the water leaving about an inch at the top of the mug.  i add cold milk to cool (patience is not my strong suit) and top with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon.  and voila!  perfect temperature and perfect chocolate-y taste!

dear shopping, 

you are so fun these days.  i LOVE presents, that's no secret. and as much as i love receiving them, i also love giving them.  pondering, planning, buying, wrapping, giving.  it's all so fun.  i always save some of the shopping for the last minute so i can go to the mall and take in the frenzied shoppers.  it is always entertaining.

dear christmas tree,

you are so festive and bright.  i love our heart theme this year (then i can keep you up until valentine's day and pretend that christmas never ends).  morning or night, anytime i am home, you are shining bright in the room, always bringing joy.

dear santa,

i believe in you.  i believe in your giving influence.  may you touch the hearts of people this year and bring magic to homes across the world.  i hope we can be your helpers in making that magic happen in serving others and spreading the spirit of Christmas.

xoxo, katie

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