Thursday, December 26, 2013

merry christmas!

christmas #1
(christmas #2 happening this weekend!!)

 we opened presents and made our families traditional christmas breakfasts: a delicious casserole from mine, and tasty pull-aparts from his.

then we tried our hand at Santa Cookies!  these Santa Cookies are a bona fide Clover family tradition beginning back in 1981, so of course we have to continue it.  luckily, i helped jeremy's mom make some last year, so we were brave enough to make them on our own this year.

 it was our first time and i have to say, i think they turned out pretty well.  they are quite the production and they took up most of our day.  it was fun making them together and totally worth all the work. that cookie is no joke!

we also chatted with family, took naps, refused to shower, had left-overs for dinner, and watched a movie.  that is what i call a great christmas.  hope your christmas was all sorts of lovely!

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Noelle Maughan said...

Your Santa cookies were so impressive and delicious!