Sunday, February 16, 2014

skiing away

yesterday, we drove over to carlisle, a tiny tiny town, to do some cross-country skiing for our anniversary weekend.

we have gone the last couple of years in new hampshire and maine.  this year we decided to explore our local options and found the great brook ski touring center about 30 minutes away.  it was $54 for ski passes and rentals for the two of us and they have over 10 miles of groomed trails.

we had such a great time that we plan to buy season passes next year.  we skied and skied until the snow was falling and our bodies were tired and aching for some grub. then we went down the road to ferns country store for some chili, which i would also totally recommend.

it made for a wonderful day.

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Barb said...

Looks so fun! Xoxo