Tuesday, May 27, 2014

mountains and lakes

we took full advantage of our three day weekend
and drove to new hampshire friday night.

on saturday we started with a hike to explore our new scene.  we found 44 red-spotted newts, 1 hopping bunny, and some deer tracks.  we were on the lookout for those newts after i almost stepped on the first one jeremy found.  we were like a bunch of 5 year olds hopping on rocks hunting for lizards.

after romping around in the woods, we enjoyed some lunch on our patio.  (check out my veggies!!  we are making so much progress around here.)

many meals were consumed on this patio, every meal we were home for was eaten on the patio now that i think about it.  how could we not with these beautiful views?

the rest of our saturday consisted of golfing, laying by the pool, going out for mexican food, and playing ping pong.

sunday we went to church, drove around the neighborhoods imagining what life would be like if we lived there, and then visited weirs beach of lake winnipesaukee.  i had no idea we were going to be so close to lake winnipesaukee.  i thought we were just going to the new hampshire mountains.  it was a fun surprise.

we people-watched on the boardwalk while making plans to come back on monday for the scenic train ride.  we wandered home on the back roads, made some pizza, played some ping pong and guitar hero, enjoyed dessert with some old buddies we found at the same resort (so crazy!!), and rocked the night away on the rocking chairs on the front deck.

monday we started our day with some tennis, the weather cooperated beautifully.  then we got our ducks in a row in time for the scenic train ride along lake winnipesaukee. 

leo was our conductor and he was a hoot!  he was sure sweet talking these older ladies behind us.  the train was way cooler than i expected.  they came around asking for lunch or snack orders as we marveled at the lovely lake and huge homes we passed.  we declined because we packed our own lunch to eat on the boardwalk after the adventure on the train tracks.  we also found some ice cream!

then we wandered home on the back roads.
for our afternoon, jeremy went out to golf, while i read by the pool.

for our last night, we had dinner at the resort restaurant.  we both enjoyed the steak tips, they were delicious (we tend to order the same thing at restaurants, it always makes me laugh). it was such a relaxing dinner, the resort had emptied out by this point, so there was only one other family eating there. we got a table right by the window, here was our gorgeous view:

we had to get some more rocking in after our bellies were full.  i decided that i need a rocking chair. an old-fashioned, wooden rocking chair to rock my future babies to sleep.  jeremy said he would make that happen as soon as we jumped on the baby train.  incentives, incentives... jeremy is the best.

we of course played ping pong til the sun went down (this resort totally rocked!).

we rearranged our tuesday schedules so we could wake up to this sunshine tuesday morning before coming back to real life.  totally worth it!

weekends spent exploring new places are my favorite!!

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