Monday, August 25, 2014

utah, part 1

we just got back from our glorious vacation in the mountains. (let me tell you... real life is not as fun as vacation life.) we spent the first couple days of our trip with jeremy's family and the rest with my family.

our first day we ventured to our old stomping grounds with richie and nicole to walk around BYU campus.  we checked out the new buildings, found the classroom where jeremy and i met, and drove by our first apartment.  it's always fun to reminisce about our classes, old jobs, first dates, and first years of marriage there.  and check out those mountains... beautiful!

then we had a delicious lunch at Cubby's and we had to stop for some shave ice at Hokulia.  we spent one summer testing all the shave ice places in Provo and Hokulia won out.  four years later and they are still so good!  why aren't there shave ice places in Boston?!?  jeremy and i shared a small, they are huge!, and got strawberry pina colada, cream soda, and blackberry.  delicious! 

then we made our way to amy's house -jeremy's sister- for a gender reveal (richie and nicole are having a BOY!), birthday party, and bbq.  jeremy's sister came from idaho with family in tow and his mom was in town so we almost saw the whole gang.  it was so fun to catch up with family and watch the kids run wild.

sunday, we woke up to two little nieces whispering by our air mattress.  they were searching for elsa's cloak.  unfortunately, we didn't know where it was.  we spent the morning eating delicious food, drawing pictures, and playing legos.  we went to church in the afternoon with amy, chris, the kids, and jeremy's mom.  i really need to work on my reverent entertainment skills.  i ended up trying to get the kids to be quiet by letting them play with the camera on my phone.  probably not the most effective option.  at least i have these adorable faces in my phone now, and about 20 pictures of these silver shoes.

being an aunt is awesome.  these kids are hilarious!

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