Tuesday, September 23, 2014

hiking and biking

on saturday morning, the ladies (noelle, amber, and i) woke up before the crack of dawn to go on a sunrise hike while the boys slept in.  we hiked the beehive and were mesmerized by the every changing sky.

can you spot the moon?

the hike was so fun. there were cliffs and iron rungs to keep it extra exciting. and with the sunrise show??  i just loved it.  we kept saying, "i feel alive!" (shout out to saydi who tends to say that a lot.) how could we not with our hearts wildly beating, our lungs breathing in the freshest air, our muscles hard at work, and our eyes beholding the slow ascent of the sun?!  bodies rock and nature is the best.  it was a perfect start to the day. 

 the boys were standing around a morning fire when we got back.  so we started up breakfast: hot chocolate, hash browns, sausage and eggs.  tasty!

then we went to watch eric and noelle run a 5k and they both took 2nd place overall.  they are running maniacs!  we watched miles for them while they ran.  we just pushed his stroller around the cute streets of Bar Harbor.  after the awards ceremony and while the kiddies napped, everyone surprised me with a pinata for my birthday.  amber made the beauty herself! 

with a few more hits (jeremy threw it in the air while i hit it with the sledge hammer), we finally got the candy out.  it was a most delicious assortment which gave us just the energy we needed for our biking adventure.  jeremy and i walked around to do some souvenir shopping and met everyone at the bike rental shop.  we just had to ride bikes on the old carriage roads!

we biked and biked and biked our hearts out.  the scenery was gorgeous. there were some monster hills and i was pretty excited when we finally got to go down hill and found that we had arrived at the lovely Jordan Pond.

we got some popovers, not GF :(, and soup at the restaurant overlooking the pond.  it was quite picturesque.  and a little chilly!  we couldn't wait to get back to the fire and put on lots of layers to keep us warm. 

saturday night we had a feast.  we had taco salad nachos for dinner, lots of s'mores, and amber whipped up a gluten free peach cobbler in the dutch oven.  tasty business.

 it was a great day exploring acadia!

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