Saturday, September 6, 2014

laugh it off

one morning back in 2004 right after we moved to las vegas, sam dropped a gallon of milk as he was getting it out of the fridge.  it somehow exploded on impact and the whole gallon of milk was suddenly slipping over the kitchen floor. 

i will never forget my mom's reaction.  she laughed.  and laughed.  she helped sam clean it up, pulled a fresh gallon from the fridge, and our morning continued on. it is something i have been trying to learn to do ever since. 

last night jeremy was kicking a ball across the apartment (a normal occurrence around here) as we chatted about this and that.  one shot soared over the kitchen counter right between an abandoned glass and the soap dispenser.  we couldn't believe how close it was.

his next shot hit the glass square on.  we both watched as it got mowed off the counter and shattered against the floor.  we looked at each other and i just laughed.  and laughed.  jeremy's commentary, "well that just happened."

i think i am finally becoming more like her. 

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