Thursday, September 18, 2014

on the eve of my birthday

it's very early in the morning.  it's still dark and i can't sleep.  today is my last day being 25.  which means tomorrow is my birthday... and you still have time to buy me something. ;)  it's the best day of the year and i'm so excited that it has finally arrived, i can't sleep.

today is my friday at work and i just have a few loose ends to tie up and tomorrow we will be off on a new adventure.  we will be heading north to commune with nature in the beautiful acadia national park.  i will be sitting under the stars, hiking, eating s'mores, maybe swimming, drinking hot chocolate, and biking, all with good company, to my heart's content. is there anything better? i submit, there is not.  i love a good camping trip.

i usually am pretty obnoxious about my birthday, but this year things feel different. (although this blog post proves i am pretty obnoxious about my birthday.) even my boss noticed that i haven't been talking about it as much.  maybe it's because i can't eat my favorite wafer cake anymore and i just don't want to think about it.  that was one of the main reasons i wanted to go camping on my birthday.  i can't take wafer cake camping... so i will just put a candle in a s'more and call it a birthday celebration.  maybe camping can be my new birthday tradition, since wafer cake is now out.  

i may be less obnoxious about it because i am spending my birthday doing exactly what i want to be doing, having some grand adventure.  i'm not working, wishing i was playing and need others to help make my day seem exciting. i feel like if you have to be at work, you might as well let others help you feel like your birthday doesn't stink.  ok, maybe that's dramatic, but i like my birthday to rock!  and a camping trip to beautiful maine is how i am making that happen.  maybe i will always take the day off, because i am loving this. 

well, it's getting lighter outside... and i need to get hopping.  here's to my last day being 25!

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