Tuesday, November 11, 2014

i will survive

this story begins last night when someone mentioned candy cane joe-joe's on instagram.

i imediately called my local trader joe's to see if they had them in stock and if they by chance had a gluten-free version.  to my surprise they totally did.  i was ecstatic on the phone... you would have thought the women on the line offered to pay my student loans.  

like any sane person, i went to trader joe's right after work today (they didn't open in time to go before - i asked) and i bought 6 boxes.  a girl's got to get her supply.  jeremy and i had some after dinner tonight and they were a slam dunk.  they taste amazing.  the texture of the cookie is a little different than the non-GF version (per jeremy's report), but the taste is truly spot on. 

i think the first year has got to be the hardest with any sort of life-changing diagnosis, especially if it relates to food in any way.  traditions have to be re-thought and changes have to be made, some are certainly harder than others.  it has been almost 9 months since being diagnosed with celiac disease.  we have gotten through our anniversary, our birthdays, summer camp outs, fourth of july bbqs, many date nights, and eating at friend's and family's houses.

this holiday season may be a little rocky.  there are lots of things i can't have that i have always had and those traditions are something i really enjoy.  so i will be searching for replacements and little treats that will help me get through.  luckily, there are so many things i can have (they just typically cost more and take work to find. urg!!).

this is the first year trader joe's has offered gluten free candy cane joe-joe's, so i am counting myself blessed.  super blessed.  they will certainly help me survive my first gluten-free holidays.  please send any gluten-free tips, recipes, or resources my way that might help me make it through the next two months.

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Mandy said...

John had bacon wrapped steak for Thanksgiving last year instead of the traditional turkey and stuffing. Casey volunteered to eat steak with him so he wouldn't feel left out. I think both thought they had a better Thanksgiving meal than the rest of us.