Monday, December 8, 2014

snowflakes and awkward teenagers

our ward was in charge of a multi-stake youth dance over the weekend.  we had kids come from rhode island and new hampshire and all over massachusetts.  (sidenote: how is it that i still don't know how to spell massachusetts after living here almost 4 years? man... thank heavens for spell check.) we had a polar express theme.  we built a train photo booth and everyone wore pajamas.  i was in charge of the snowflakes, so i made lots of snowflakes over this past week (over 200!!).

the youth made a handful of them, so i wasn't completely on my own.  we strung garlands of them across the gym and put some in the game room and refreshment room (hot chocolate, cookies, and donuts!!).

jeremy came to help chaperone the dance and we made our way out on the dance floor a few times.  we had a blast. teenagers can be terribly awkward (and some just don't have manners).  i swear i was never that awkward.  it was pretty entertaining.   it was fun trying to pair up the wallflowers.  a dance is no fun if you never get on the dance floor.

i got asked to dance by a couple of the teenage boys.  the first time i said yes... rookie mistake.  as we were dancing he asked where i was from, i answered, and then i said, "i'm actually a leader."  his response, "ah, man." (ha!) i cut him loose to dance with someone his own age and scrammed to the kitchen to help with the hot chocolate.  later, i successfully deflected a dance request to a teenage girl that was in the vicinity. 

obviously, i would much rather dance, than chaperone while others dance. which is why i'm scheming away to have a low-key new year's eve dance for couples and families in the ward.  it's kind of in the works.  just need more people to jump on board so i'm not doing it by myself.  we'll see if it happens.

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