Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My new favorite hobby

Saturday morning was deemed a sleep in day by Jeremy's parents, so I found a climbing gym to check out in the area.  I needed to break in my new climbing shoes.  Jeremy came to watch (he likes the view.. ha!) and took some sneaky pictures.

See those kids?  They are climbing masters.  I want to be able to climb like them... someday.


Kayla said...

So jealous! My husband and I climbed all the time. I love it. We just moved to Indiana, and there are NO climbing gyms nearby.

Noelle Maughan said...

Do you always boulder or does Jeremy belay (I don't know how to spell that) you sometimes? I am pretty jealous of this new hobby of yours ;)

Katie said...

Noelle, I want to get to that point, but we have to take a Belay Class first. Hopefully, that will happen soon. For now, I just boulder. It's tough stuff.