Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So how about...

Some Resolutions for the New Year...

I enjoy creating.  It gives my mind a break from other stressors and every once in a while, I come out the other side with something pretty cool.  Creating can also be scary.  I want to be okay with not being great at things and enjoying the creative process even if the end result kind of stinks. 

Be Active
I want to continue to engage my body and do things that I find enjoyable.  I want to work out so I can be active in life, not workout just to workout.  I want to climb mountains, ride bikes, etc., etc., and have the strength and energy to enjoy nature. 

I want to serve and love others more readily.  I want to connect and reach out to my family and friends more often.  I want to be intentional about creating and strengthening the relationships I find fulfilling.

Be Brave
There are adventures ahead and I want to dive right in.  I want to have the courage to embrace it all.  I'm excited to see where we will end up and want to be brave in going wherever we are supposed to go.


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