Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Promise

I ventured over to Breakheart today for a peaceful walk in the woods.  The snow was melting in scattered patches as the sun fought through the trees.  I couldn't help but pray as I walked through it all.  I poured my heart out to God, thanking Him for the beauty all around me and the many blessings in my life.  I told Him about my worries and the things I'm trying to work on.  I told Him all about my Vermont adventure that is fast approaching and asked that He guide us as we make important decisions.  Throughout my conversation with Him, my mind kept coming back to the thawing Earth.

I was especially contemplative on the promise of spring.  It's a beautiful promise.  Every year the snow melts, the light permeates, and the Earth and all its inhabitants awaken.  This may be my new favorite season, because I love how it corresponds with the celebration of Christ, the atonement and the resurrection.  Christ is light, peace, and love and these things beat darkness every time.  Like the Earth, we too can shed the things that bring darkness into our lives.  We can endure the overwhelming trials we face and feel the peace and strength that comes as we embrace our Savior.  Like the Earth, we too can be restored and rejuvenated by the light.  We can change and have new life.  We can flourish in incredible ways, even after the darkest darkness. 

The incredible promise of spring. It will always come. Always.

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