Sunday, April 12, 2015

Welcome Sunshine, Please Stay

We had some wonderful sunshine yesterday morning, so Jeremy and I got out there to play some tennis for the first time this year.  (It was also the first time my leggies have seen the sun this year.)  It was way too much fun.  I love tennis.  I love being up at the net.  Jeremy knows to hit them really hard and right at me when I am at the net, because I just love it. 

In the afternoon we headed into the city to see the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum.  I loved the Courtyard and Jeremy loved the fact that 2 thieves stole 13 pieces of art from the museum - a real live heist. 

After soaking in the beauty of the Courtyard, we wandered all around the museum wishing we knew a little more about history.  There were amazing tapestries, intricately carved screens and sculptures, and paintings galore.  My other favorite part was the Studio where Jeremy and I made our own mosaic tiles to take home (for free!!). 

Here are the finished tiles with grout and all:
The artist running the studio pointed out that Jeremy and I did the same basic radial pattern.  (We also ordered the same entree at dinner after our museum adventure.)  We are soooo married.

I also really loved this Secret Flower Sculpture on exhibit.

 It's so cool!  It's a peony... and I love peonies... and its made of glass beads.  WHAT?!


 We walked over to my alma mater (Simmons College, which is right next to the museum) after we explored the art.  We walked around the small campus and reminisced about our first time checking it out about 4 years ago.  Oh, how time flies!  Then we got some delicious dinner in the city and took the subway home.  It was a perfect day date.

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