Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Week to Play

(Welcome to the longest post of my life!)

I barely got settled in Vermont, before I took off for Utah to play for a week.  My new job starts next Monday, so I had to take advantage of the days off.  I had such a fun time playing with my family. Here are some of the highlights.

On Thursday, Sammy took me mountain biking for my first time in Corner Canyon.  It was 2.5 miles up and 2.5 miles down.  We mozied on up the mountain and had a blast coming down.  I loved it!!  I was also really muddy and exhausted.  He rented me a "fat bike" and it was amazing!  Those tires could cruise over anything.

After mountain biking with Sammy, I drove to Provo to do some rock climbing in Rock Canyon with Riley and his friend Payden.  We got some Costa Vida to go and ate it at the base of the climbing routes because we were trying to beat the rain.  It rained on and off and then poured on Riley's second climb.  We bailed and ran to the car like a bunch of hooligans.  We were soaked and we most definitely felt alive!

My grandma joined us for our weekend of fun Thursday night.  Friday was our Saturday (everyone had the day off), so we went out to breakfast, went bowling, and drove up to Snow Basin to check it out.  Beautiful place!!  And only 20 minutes from my parent's.

We had s'mores with some of the neighbor kids when it got dark.  Reese's s'mores are my favorite... every time!

Saturday morning Riley and I headed back up to Snow Basin to do some hiking while everyone else had stuff to do.  Then we went home and did a bunch of yard work in the hot sun.  We grilled some steak for dinner and saw Jurassic World - and LOVED IT! 

Sunday we went to church and had some family over for a backyard BBQ and rootbeer floats.  YUM!

Monday, I followed the boys to Provo. We all had lunch together, Sam went to work, and then Rye and I made our dance video. It was so hot, so we made sure to get some shave ice after to rehydrate.  The Strawberry Colada from Hokulia was amazing.

On Tuesday, Sam, Riley, and I headed to Park City to do some more mountain biking.  We went 5 miles up and then 5 miles down.  It was hard, awesome, beautiful, and we had so much fun.  We had no falls and got really muddy... what can be better?  It really was awesome. I have been talking up mountain biking to Jeremy.  I think I almost have him convinced.  I will have to take him biking in Vermont to completely seal the deal.  After biking we got some delicious pizza at Park City Pizza Co for a late lunch and then headed on home.

Wednesday, I helped my mom with some projects, went out to lunch with my mom and dad while the boys went to work, and then I packed up my stuff to go home.  I had a later flight home so I could have maximum time with the fam.  Jeremy picked me up at 1:00 am in Albany last night, we drove an hour home, and he had work at 8:00 this morning.  He is a rockstar and he is so happy that I'm home.  See??

What an awesome week!!  I just played and played in the mountains and I loved every minute.  Thanks Mom, Dad, Sam, and Rye!  It was the best!

Now someone needs to come visit me.


Rye said...

Awesome pics Katie! That weekend rocked!

Amber said...

Man I wish I was with you. What a blast.