Monday, June 1, 2015

June Letters

Dear June,
While May was a month busy with celebrations, you are a month busy with transitions.  So many changes are on their way (new state, new home, new jobs) and they start today.  I'm looking forward to the adventure and reminding myself, while change can be hard, it always brings growth.  Also June, can you bring out the sun to play?

Dear Baltic Cruise,
YOU WERE AMAZING!  Seriously, trip of a life time with my cute family.  The ship was amazing, the crew was awesome, and we had the time of our lives. Cruising is the best and I would totally recommend it, especially when it is combined with visiting amazing countries.  I took so many pictures, so I will just be throwing them on here with limited verbiage (because there is kind of lot going on for me these days).  Anyway, thank you for the wonderful time and happy memories.  It was the best! 

Dear Last Day of My Job,
You are here - TODAY... and that is so weird.  It feels like I should have another month left.  I have been at Walden since September 2012, when I started as a wee intern.  So I have learned A LOT here!  I have loved it and I love working in the field of Eating Disorders.  The changes I have seen in my work have been so rewarding.  I will miss it, as well as all of my awesome coworkers!!

Dear Boston,
We say our good-byes in just a couple of days.  You have been our home for nearly 4 years, more than half of our marriage.  We have certainly enjoyed our time here and we have loved exploring all you have to offer.  I also love how close you are to so many cool places.  However, I will not miss the traffic or the cost of living.  Don't worry though, we will visit often because we know we will miss this crazy city. 

Dear Vermont,
We are coming for you! We are mostly excited and a little nervous.  I am excited for the change in scenery, because we all know I LOVE nature.  I am also excited to be intentional about creating our new lives in the area.  Change allows for that sort of thing.  I am nervous that I won't make any friends.  I am also nervous that the closest Target is an hour away (at least a Gap Outlet is just up the road from us). We aren't sure what life will be like in our small mountain town and we are ready to find out.

Dear Packing,
We have to get serious.  Let's play nice, okay?

Dear Rain,
You have been quite lovely and at the same time I think we have had enough of you.  Feel free to take a rest from all of your hard work and send the sun out to play for a while.  It is June after all and things are plenty green around here.  Let's get this summer party started.

Xoxo, Katie

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