Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brave Women

Ashmae is an artist that I think is pretty cool.  
I have her SLC Temple painting and her Love Birds painting that I just adore:

Besides being an awesome artist, she is also a great advocate!  She started an awesome movement called, "We Brave Women" and is now on Kickstarter for her project called "Brave Women Art Cards."  She has painted and researched 50 amazing women in history and wants to make a deck of art cards that share a painting and brief history of each woman.  

History is biography, written mostly (if not always) by men and women are often left out of the accounts. There are many of the women that she has included that I know nothing about... and that makes me so sad.  I want to know more about these women that have come before me and the amazingly brave things they have accomplished.  I want the women around me to know.  I want my future children to know, that women can do big and courageous things that can change the world.  I want them to know that they can do those things, too.

I am passionate about her project and would think it's totally cool if you feel the same way.  Feel free to check out her Kickstarter to buy your own deck and then (please!) spread the word.  I am definitely buying at least two decks.  I want to give one to every little girl for their birthday.  Celebrate the brave women in your life.  Celebrate the brave woman that is YOU!

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