Monday, February 1, 2016

February Letters

Dear February,
Hello there.  You come bearing lots of love, even more so for Jeremy and I.  We have our wedding anniversary on the 13th and then Valentine's Day on the 14th.  I always look forward to you and dreaming how we will celebrate all of the love you bring.  I'm thinking some chocolate fondue will be in order.

Dear Anniversary,
Hooray for 7 blissful years of marriage! Hooray for growing older with your best friend! Hooray for presents in the middle of February! There is a lot to celebrate and be happy about this time of the year.  I love that you fall on a Saturday this year and we can dedicate the whole day to celebrating US!  I just love celebrations!

Dear February 29th,
How cool are you?  You only come around every 4 years and I love it every time.  We get a whole extra day this year thanks to you.  What will I do with it you ask?  Well, it's a Monday, so I will probably just go to work.  I will definitely write the date as much as possible though to try and keep it fun.

Dear Weather,
You are all over the place these days.  We have a few days of snow and then we have a few days of sunshine and 50 degrees.  I went snowshoeing one day and running in the sun (and mud - let's be real here) just a few days later.  I find that whatever weather we are having, I want more of it.  I either want crazy amounts of snow or if I can't have that, then let's just bring on spring.

Dear Baby Clover,
We got more pictures of you last week at our ultrasound.  We have officially decided to wait until you arrive to find out if you are a boy or a girl and your dad is just thrilled about that, along with the grandparents to be.  They will survive I'm pretty sure.  I'm busy dreaming up all of the stuff we need to buy for your arrival and researching baby names.  This is so fun!

Xoxo, Katie

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