Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Zits 101

Pregnancy has been throwing my face some major curve balls.  There have been times of the "glow," but I'm pretty sure most of the time my face has been total Zit Nation.  I have a terrible history with zits.  I pick at them (or rather destroy them) too early and too often which results in giant scabs that take days to heal.  It's not pretty.

So Jeremy decided it was time for an intervention after witnessing my obvious struggle too many times.  Basically, the lesson was don't touch it!  (Lesson number 2 was be gentle!!)  Which is really hard to do and I have had some monumental failures and that reinforces the importance of listening to Jeremy's wisdom.  Anytime I wanted to touch it, I would check in with Jeremy to see if it was ready.  Usually, the answer was no. 

I have been doing so well this past week.  I have been walking away from the mirror and successfully stopping myself from picking at my face.  And it is looking AWESOME.  Not sure if it is because of my progress in Zits 101 or if my pregnancy hormones have shifted. Whatever it is, I hope it continues because I'm loving it.

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