Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Letters

Dear March,
What a lovely month you are?  To me, you signify that spring will be creeping upon us soon and that is really exciting.  You bring the hope of warmth, for which I thank you.  You also house some special birthdays this month (Jeremy and my mom), which means I have to get serious about buying gifts.  Welcome March, stay a while and bring some sunshine with you.

Dear Winter,
You were kind of a bust.  We got a few small storms out of you this time, but nothing spectacular.  A month ago I was wishing for more snow, but now I feel like we might as well cut our losses and move on.  You can just go into your own hibernation, while the rest of gear up for sunshine and barbecues.  I do appreciate you, I am just hoping for a better show next time.

Dear Pi Day,
I always look forward to you.  Why not have a day dedicated to celebrating both math and pie?  Last year's celebration was pretty epic.  Hopefully I can get my act together and have some friends over for pie and math games.

Dear Work Life,
You are about to ramp up again after 10 weeks of working 3 days a week, which have been so so lovely.  Bennington College is about to start their term and I am hoping I can keep up.  The bigger paychecks will be top notch, especially with our growing list of things to buy to prep for the baby.

Dear Pregnancy,
I am loving this.  Being pregnant is pretty amazing.  My body is pretty amazing.  It is creating all sorts of organs and body parts which is just crazy to me.  Even considering the injections I have to give myself every day, I am really loving this experience.  I feel like I want to keep having kid after kid, which may change after the delivery experience.  Glad we still have some time!

Dear Easter,
You are early this year!  I am trying not to let you sneak up on us.  I am so excited to dye some eggs and eat lots of candy.  I am also excited to focus on the Savior and His resurrection.  I love this time of year.  There is so much hope and love in the air.

Xoxo, Katie

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