Friday, April 1, 2016

April Letters

Dear April,
Aw, April, welcome.  I can't believe you are here already. You bring all sorts of beautiful transformations: the golden fields turn green, the rivers rise with enthusiasm, the trees bud and blossom, the woodland creatures come out to play.  I am looking forward to everything you have to offer.  Warmer days, sunny days, rainy days, hopefully with some rainbows in between.

Dear Babymoon,
You are fast approaching! Hollywood, Florida here we come... well, in 12 short days. We hear you have a great boardwalk and beautiful beaches.  I am most interested in sitting on the sandy beach chatting with Jeremy and reading a good book - The Nightingale.  I also plan to sporadically run to the ocean and jump into those salty waves.  Which reminds me... I need to be sure to pack a frisbee in case I get antsy to run around. 

Dear New Lambs,
I see you frolicking in your pasture as I head up to work some days.  There are about five or six of you, some grey, a few white, and one or two black.  Today I saw you literally running and jumping about together as we drove past.  You are the cutest little things and make me want to start some sort of farm, but only have baby animals.  Maybe visiting a farm would be a more rational choice. 

Dear Mom,
You are coming to Vermont towards the end of this month! I am so excited for so many reasons.  First, I get to see you!  Second, you get to see Vermont!  Third, I get to see you!  Hooray.  I am totally counting down the days.  See you so sooooon!

Dear Body,
You are amazing.  You are supporting two beating hearts right now, eight limbs, two brains, four lungs... I could go on and on. You are completely self-sufficient. You are embarking on this journey without instruction or practice. You are doing what you do best, tapping into Mother Nature and letting her be your guide.  You are full of wisdom and bravery and I will do my best to honor you. Carry on in this incredible work. 

Xoxo, Katie

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