Sunday, April 17, 2016

Let's Babymoon Together

Jeremy and I spent the better part of last week playing at the beach in Hollywood, Florida on a lovely babymoon (a babymoon is when you go away together before you have a baby and your lives change forever).  It was the dreamiest vacation and I recommend babymoons to EVERYONE. 

I'm obsessed with blurry beach pictures!

First toe dip of the trip!  We rented this cabana every day we were there for only $12 a day - it was a steal.  We stayed in the hotel right behind it on the right (our room was the 4th row of windows up and third one from the left), we had the perfect ocean view.

We found a delicious taco bar right on the board walk for dinner.

This watermelon lemonade was about the best thing in my life!  Jeremy got strawberry... I think we both liked mine better.  :)  I should figure out how to make it.  Can you imagine watermelon lemonade all summer long?  Dreamy!

We rolled out of bed one morning right before 7:00 to catch the gorgeous sunrise. It was amazing and we were basically freaking out about how cool mother nature is.  Jeremy managed to snap some pretty sweet pictures of the baby bump (31.5 weeks) that I just love.  I think we may have to put one in the baby's room. 
More blurry beach shots.  Those teal and blue ocean colors... oh all the heart eyes!!

We packed cheese and crackers, fruit, and veggies for our lunches everyday which was so refreshing.  We also packed lots of water - salt water and that Florida sun will certainly dehydrate you.  I tried to read up on relaxation techniques to help me get through labor.

Yep, we went to the same taco place two nights in a row after we found it.  I just had to get a pina colada (virgin of course) and it was the yummiest.  Right when we were finishing up dinner, an intense rain storm rolled in.  We ran to the hotel, saw a complete rainbow out our window over the ocean, and then had a two hour crazy lightening show.  It was amazing!

Here is Jeremy's pride and joy: our 2016 Convertible Mustang we rented.  We would cruise around with the top down just for fun.

Basically, we had the time of our lives.  We played in the ocean, laid in the sun, took naps, chatted, read books, threw the frisbee around, had delicious food, all while enjoying the 80 degree temperatures.  We used about half a bottle of sunscreen trying to keep the burns away - we were semi successful.  Florida sun is way more intense than the Vermont sun we usually get.  My favorite parts of the trip: when Jeremy would sporadically translate the Spanish that was going on around us (lots of Spanish speakers in Florida!), playing in the ocean, the amazing rainbow and lightening storm, and that amazing watermelon lemonade!  I'm telling you... dreamiest vacation ever.

(phone picture dump coming tomorrow)

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