Saturday, July 9, 2016

Berry Picking

Today we picked raspberries at Mad Tom Orchard.
We went in between rain storms and happened to be the only people there.  We had all of the raspberries to ourselves.  Gwen was a champ through her first berry picking experience.  I fed her in the car before we started and then she basically slept through the whole thing.  The couple that runs the place gave us berries on the house since Gwen was their youngest customer - at just 3 weeks.  Jeremy slipped money into their can of cash anyway... got to support those farmers!

 In the afternoon we made some homemade raspberry ice cream with help from the day's harvest. We loosely used this recipe - just no salt, 1/2 the amount of vanilla, and no food coloring.
And it is so good!  This evening we went to Cilantro for dinner (like a local version of Chipotle) and got Zootopia on Red Box.  It was a Saturday well spent in my book.  (We are just cruising through our summer bucket list!)

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