Monday, August 1, 2016

August Letters

Dear August,
I have mixed feelings about your arrival.  The summer is going too fast which makes me want to stop time immediately.  But also I am going to see my family for the entire 2nd half of August, so that makes me soooo excited.  You also have one of the greatest meteor showers of the year... so I will get to see some shooting stars soon.

Dear Body,
You are incredible.  I just can't believe the miracles you offer.  You made a baby (with a little help from Jeremy), birthed a baby (naturally even), and now you are providing all of the nourishment that baby needs.  Seriously, so cool. And extraordinarily beautiful.  I am in awe. 

Dear Half Marathon,
You were nixed my doctor.  For some reason, she thought a half marathon 3 months post-partum was a terrible idea. We compromised on the 5k.  So maybe I will run you next year, maybe not.  I'm thinking I would rather focus on getting better times for shorter races.  I'm sure my knees would appreciate it, too.

Dear Sun Valley,
I will be road tripping it with my family to you in a couple weeks.  I am so excited to come visit you. I haven't seen you for many years and I have fond memories visiting you when I was a little tyke.  And not so fond memories - geese chasing me after I threw rocks at them when I was three.  I was terrified.  Anyways, there will be lots of bike riding, which is bound to be a treat. 

Dear Meteor Shower,
You are one of my favorite things about August and this year your show is supposed to be even grander than usual.  I guess there is some sort of "outburst" this year which means even more shooting stars - up to 200 per hour!  I can't wait.  How amazing is nature?!  I just love it. 

Dear Olympics,
I am a big fan.  I'm looking forward to the soccer, gymnastics, swimming, and beach volleyball.  You always inspire me to be more patriotic.  I come away from these amazing games with so much appreciation for hard work and dedication.  I love to hear the incredible life stories of those that compete.  What a great couple of weeks it will be.

Xoxo, Katie

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