Sunday, August 12, 2007

Glass Heads

I used to work at Pier 1 Imports so I like to think that I have an eye for decorating. Some start to question this when they see my apartment. The main contributions that I have made are three glass heads. You can buy them at Pier 1 for $15. They are so random and that's why I like them. I started out with only one (the one with the scooter helmet). It looked so alone on the entertainment center all by itself, so I figured more would be nice. I couldn't get just one more because threes look better than twos, so I had to go with two more. Then I got to dress them up, that was the fun part. The pirate is a little weird... I have been thinking I might change him to a snowboarder with a beanie and my goggles sometime. We'll see. I would definitely recommend at least one glass head for everyone. It is a great conversation piece and can be put anywhere. This isn't even a sales pitch for Pier 1... I don't work there anymore. Seriously though, go invest the best $15 of your life on a glass head. (while you're at Pier 1, check out the reed diffusers, biscotti is my favorite)


tonya said...

You are so randomly funny. Yeah, I would change the pirate to a snowboarder.

Richard Christensen said...

To change the pirate to a snowboarder would be a crying shame. Why would you abandon the patch for another pair of goggles? Although the beanie would be cool, I don't see it being cool enough to replace the pirate, which is possibly the crowning head in your collection (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

45 dollars well spent Kate. And why change the pirate, just go buy another one to be the snowboarder. Oh and you need a cowboy one too. Perfect for every college appartment. -Lindsey