Friday, December 7, 2007

my mini miracle

I am truly blessed. It hasn't even been a whole week since I ran into the lovely door and my wound isn't that bad at all. They just took the stitches out yesterday. Seriously, stitches were in my head like 24 hours ago and it looks like it happened a month ago. I keep looking at these pictures and I can't even believe it. I am putting mederma and sunscreen on it so the scar won't be too prominent (thanks, sis mcintyre). At this rate I won't be "Katie Potter" for long. :)


Barb said...

Katie, I am liking those pictures much better! Now I will be able to sleep at night! Love, MOM

Lisa Mc said...

Your scar looks great!!!! I am so glad you like the mederma. Your Dr. did a great job!!! Now stay away from walls and snowballs!