Friday, December 7, 2007

i'm concerned

...about the ducks. I went and took pictures of these ducks that have been living at the little pond at the south end of campus today. They are so beautiful and friendly. They make me smile because I can always hear them quacking as I walk to class and it sounds like they are laughing. :) But there is one problem with the ducks... they are still here. Its December 7th and these ducks haven't flown south yet. What are they doing? Shouldn't they have some automatic thing inside of them telling them to get out of this cold weather. These little guys need to fly south...soon, or they are going to freeze. If they freeze then Provo won't be eating ham for Christmas... they will be eating duck. Come on guys... fly south.

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Barb said...

Great photos! For your next career you can be a photographer.