Friday, January 30, 2009

I Eat

My workout plan has failed...

By this time I should have worked out 6 times... Welcome to reality! I have worked out twice, but this failure has nothing to do with a lack of determination. After working out on Monday, my lovely blood clot leg was killing me. It just ached and reminded me of the limping days back in Iasi, Romania. Although Romania was amazing, the limping days were not so much (my buddies were seriously considering buying me a cane).

Needless to say, I put a stop to my rigorous plan to get toned and have turned to extreme dieting techniques to fit into my wedding dress.

Who am I kidding? I eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Evidence: a doughnut for breakfast yesterday after my bowl of Lucky Charms, two bowls of sugary Fruity Pebbles for breakfast today, corn nuts, popcorn, and candy for snacks throughout the day.

I think I am on my way to looking fabulous!

(at least I don't look malnourished)


jeremy said...

I can't wait, only two more weeks and I get to marry you! You are going to be the prettiest bride ever! I love you!

Anonymous said...

you go girl. there is too much food out there that we are already missing out on.

Amy @ Live Well said...

Here's an idea...

12-15 push-ups off the edge of the counter

Without stopping to rest, next do:

Seated bent rows: Sit on a chair with one gallon of milk on either side of you (or water, probably better since it won't go bad) and bend over. Hold the gallons by the handles and bring your wrists straight up to your chest. Imagine your shoulder blades pinching your spine. Lower them down slowly. Do 12-20 reps.

Don't rest, and go straight back to push-ups again, then seated bent rows (milk gallon exercise), push-ups, seated bent rows. It'll give you a little toning in the arms and help your posture a bit for the big day.

Considering you only have 10 more days though, I don't know that you'll really see any results by then doing this three times a week...