Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"the laundry fiasco"

last night i did my laundry, just like i had planned.

well kinda...

so i managed to fit my clothes into two washers. i started the washers with my $2 in quarters and then went back to my apartment for 24 minutes. i was trying to find more quarters so i could dry my clothes and things weren't looking good. i had one quarter left, one dollar bill, and about $10 in dimes and nickels. turns out the laundry room doesn't have a change machine... so the dollar bill does me no good, and the dryers ONLY take quarters, so the large amounts of small coins don't help either. so i shoved my clothes into two dryers without started them and i went back to my apartment(not sure what I was really thinking here). i called my mom and told her about my dilemma... she laughed and laughed and told me to go get my clothes and hang them all around my apartment. so like a good, obedient child, i did. jeremy called while i was hanging my laundry up and trying to dry my underwear with my blow dryer (didn't work too well) and he just laughed and laughed, too.
i didn't think it was very funny... i was really frustrated, but everyone thinks i'm so funny when i'm mad. whatever.

back to the laundry...clothes are all over my apartment. a couple shirts dried overnight, my jeans are still pretty wet, and my underwear is drying in my tub.


Rachel said...

hahaha...this made me laugh! it sounds a lot like Romania! so funny, Katie! :)


I can just picture it. I've started putting all the clothes in the dryer, except the jeans. If I hang them over the doors in the house, then everything else dries really fast and easy. Just an idea.

Barb said...

I am still laughing!!
xo mom

Chris and Elaine said...

I can sympathize. Laundry isn't fun sometimes. Yesterday my front-loading washer started leaking out the door, so I put all the towels & rug I used to dry the floor outside to dry and it rained!