Tuesday, January 20, 2009

today NEEDS to be a laundry day

i really hate doing my laundry...

especially when laundry involves:
-sitting on my laundry basket to get the clothes to fit in (i don't do laundry very often)
-rounding up all of the quarters i can find
-going outside (freezing cold!), journeying across the icy parking lot with a huge basket of laundry
-going back outside and across the icy parking lot to put it in the dryer
-going back outside and across the icy parking lot to bring all of my clothes back (its always harder to get them to fit back in the basket after they are washed... weird)
-putting away all of my clothes when all i want is some hot chocolate

it is quite the process...
but it sure is nice to replenish my closet!

(can you tell i am missing my mom and the warmer weather of the desert?)


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Laundry is overrated. I usually just go buy more underwear when I'm running low. :) Just think, it's going to double in a few weeks...

Emily said...

ya girl,i know the feeling all too well! it sux to do laundry but its so nice after you have all of it done and put away! You feel SO ACCOMPLISHED!