Saturday, February 21, 2009

El Paso

This is our fish. El Paso. He is a Fancy Goldfish, at least that's what the little note on the tank said over at Animal Ark. He is the newest addition to our little family.
Here he is... just swimming around...

El Paso

So what's with the name?? I tell you. Last year Jeremy got me a fish for Valentine's Day. I just love fish. Not for food though... sick! just for pets. We named our fish "Reuben the Great" after we went to dinner at Jason's Deli that night and their was a sandwich called "Reuben the Great." We thought it was perfect!

Fast forward to tonight.... Well, Reuben died a while ago and we had an empty fish bowl... time to get a new fish. Yep! So we bought our fish, got him all set up in Reuben's old tank, and went to dinner at sammy's.

It was our first time trying it and we will definitely be going there again. Such a cool place and they have amazing pie shakes where they acutally put a piece of pie in your shake. Delicious! I ordered a Oreo Mint Pie Shake and Jeremy got a Blackberry Cheesecake Pie Shake. Mine was better. :) Try it... soon... (and invite me and Jeremy to come along).

Ok, back to the fish...with our new little guy we decided to keep up the tradition or rather start the tradition of our fish-naming techniques from last V-Day. We thought that it would be appropriate to name the fish after something on the menu at Sammy's. There wasn't a huge selection of burgers and sandwiches with super sweet names (they were still way good), but we saw "El Paso" on the menu (some chicken grilled sandwich with guacamole, etc) and after a quick vote it became the name for our little guy. So El Paso it is.

p.s. El Paso means "the step" in spanish, according to Jeremy

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Barb said...

I am so glad for the update on the fish... great name. I am glad it is just as random... Next time I am in town, we will have to go to Sammy's.