Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i take rat poison

today i got the results for my blood test from last week. it turns out that it was way low. my blood was clotting at 1.4 and it is supposed to be between 2 and 3. that means my blood is too thick. so my coumadin dosage has become way more complicated. (hah... its not that bad) i used to take 1.5 mg a day (half a pill). now i take half a pill on all days except for monday, wednesday, and friday. those days i take a whole pill. i also have to go back next week and get my blood drawn again to see if there is any improvement. nothing like getting pricked more often... but they always give me a cool bandaid (like curious george) and they have a basket full of dum dums (i usually take three). those people are pretty neat!


Barb said...

Sorry about being pricked so much but enjoy the dum dums... do you think three is a bit greedy...
xo mom

The Delorenzis Family said...

Hey Dum Dum, Me want Gum Gum. Just saw Night at the Museum: Smithsonian last week and my kids think the rock's name is Dum Dum and that it has to do with the suckers. lol

Maybe you should give Edward a call and he can help with the bloodsucking thing. :)