Thursday, May 28, 2009

i'm tan

our memorial day weekend was spent at huntington beach with my family. we played at the beach, hit up a baseball game, and saw family. so fun!

my mom took most of these and sam took the others. i was playing too hard to worry about documenting the fun. i usually just lay in the sun, but this time i actually went in the ocean and got pummeled by some big waves. it was so fun! there are more pictures from the trip on my mom's blog.... here, here, and here.


LaVonne said...

Hi Katie, Amy said that Jeremy is teaching at the MTC. My nephew just entered the MTC yesterday, May 27. He'll be there for 2 months. What is Jer teaching so I can tell my nephew to look for him. When Jer was a cub scout he came to my house & my nephew would sit at the table and watch what they were doing. He was about 3years old. My nephew does not remember Jer, but I would love if he could say hello to Jer. BTW Lucky!! You guys got to go to beach. Oh, & a kid in my ward just got his call to the same mission as your brother.

Harrison and Christine said...

So fun :) You and your hubby are too cute!!

Lindsay Pace said...

Katie. This makes me want to go to California! P.S. You are definitely tan!

Katie said...

jeremy is teaching spanish and he is also working in the referral center this summer. have a good one!