Wednesday, May 6, 2009

just making my wish list

for what you ask?

for mother's day.

am i allowed to do that?

well, here are my 4 reasons of why i can. #1 i'm married and that is one step closer to motherhood, #2 i will be having children eventually, #3 i am afraid of the whole birthing process, #4 because being pregnant with blood mutations is complicated (shots twice a day for 9 months... ugh), so gifts before the whole thing even begins would be much appreciated so here is jeremy's chance to butter me up a bit. haha!

item #1 on my mother's day wish list:

one of these fun and funky camera straps that can be found here. (my sister in law amy introduced these to me) i'm sure that i need one. my camera would be so stylin'.

item #2 on my mother's day wish list:

this sweet KC hat from here. now i am in no way an actual Kansas City Royals fan, i don't think i have ever been to Kansas. but KC are my initials, so why not just wear them on my head?

item #3 on my mother's day wish list:

and sweetheart if you really want to spoil me,
this 50mm f 1.8 lens would do
and you can get it here. ooooooo.... so fun!

item #4 on my mother's day wish list:

this burt's bees lip shimmer you can
get here. i might actually get this one
because they also sell it at the bookstore
here on campus. i like this light color jeremy.

so there is my mother's day wish list....

hey, a girl can dream

p.s. mom... maybe you should make one of these lists to help your kiddos out


Barb said...

I love the list...a girl can always dream...and yes you have been to Kansas!

Amy @ Live Well said...

Oh I want that lens too!!!

jeremy said...

I appreciate the list...and the pressure! haha jk, I love you!