Monday, July 6, 2009


AMERICA! the big 2-3-3!

above image graciously borrowed from here

our patriotic weekend was filled with bowling, going out for a good old fashioned American breakfast, singing the star-spangled banner 1.5 times, shooting guns (the boys were remembering the wars fought to secure our freedom i'm sure), shopping at the outlets and getting great deals (supporting our great economy), escaping the afternoon heat with long naps & funny movies, as well as the following that i remembered to take pictures of...

we played dominoes. mexican train to be more specific, but i don't think that game is very politically correct. and now that i am thinking about it, i am really not sure why we played it on the 4th of July anyway.

we had a delicious dinner of flank steak, twice baked potatoes, rolls, corn on the cob, & watermelon (not that i ate those last two things). but it was good. check out our table decorations... it was pretty much last minute- we just put fireworks & confetti stars on the table.

we watched the fireworks...

and then we set off our own...

and lastly... we played with sparklers! i love sparklers! we had way too much fun.

writing our names... ok, so just me writing our names

dancing in the street!

for my little brother.... so he can see the great job he did at writing his name

we had a blast with my family! love you guys!


Barb said...

It was a fabulous weekend. Thanks for coming and bringing so much life to the party! xo mom

Anonymous said...

Is it hard to take pictures of the sparkler letters? I tried but not a single one of mine turned out, so for me, yes, it is hard. :)
Happy 4th!

Katie said...


sorry yours didn't turn out... i used my big camera and slowed down the shutter speed so it would catch all of the light.

oh and we should hang out sometime!

will and lori said...

Okay Miss Katie, oops Mrs. Katie :) How did you do that? Lori

Brooke Snow Photography said...

love the name drawing images! super fun and creative!