Monday, July 6, 2009

pedallin' away

i wore a dress to work today... remember that. we just got our car washed inside and out last weekend... remember that, too.

jeremy and i got these lovely red bikes today, courtesy of my grandma and grandpa. they haven't used them in a while and gave them to us. thank you!! the bikes have been at the bike shop getting a little tune-up and we picked them up today... and boy was it quite the event.

we decided to go get the bikes on my lunch break today, i clocked out at 12:05 and had an hour- plenty of time (or so i thought).

the bike shop is five blocks from our place. so my idea was to drive home, walk to the bike shop, and then we both ride the bikes home. but for some reason jeremy wasn't feeling my plan. we ended up driving straight to the shop- jeremy was sure he could fit the bikes in the back seat of our little camry.

we paid for the repairs and headed outside. jeremy was still sure that he could fit the bikes inside the back of the car. i told him i didn't think so, handed him my purse- which contained my phone and my keys (yeah really smart)- and rode home on one of the bikes. yes, even while wearing my cute light blue dress.

i arrived home in like three minutes and after sitting on the doorstep waiting for sweet jeremy to come home... i thought to myself, "there is no way that he is getting that bike in the car. and he is not going to just leave the bike or car there. i don't have my phone. that was dumb to give him my purse. well, i better start walking back." i tried to pick the route i thought he would drive just in case he magically got the remaining bike in the car and was on his way.

i walked and walked and walked and walked (remember that primary song?) and i conveniently ran into my visiting teacher, dear olivia. how wonderful?! she was on her lunch break, too, and she was walking home. we had the same cute flats on from good old payless. more importantly, she let me borrow her phone to call my sweet husband. he quickly confirmed that he couldn't get the bike in the car- shocker there- and i told him i was on my way. i thanked olivia and told her i would see her thursday (when i thought our visiting teaching appointment was) and she said she would see me tomorow (when the visiting teaching appointment really was). "oh ok... sounds good," i yelled back as i took off for my love.

i walked some and ran some this time, because i knew j was in need. so i arrived sweaty and screaming, "i'm here for you jeremy, i'm here for you!" he asked if i would like to ride the other bike home or if i would like to drive the air-conditioned car home? i took the car and beat him home. i got inside and looked at the clock and saw that i had to be back not just at work at my desk in 20 minutes...

he came in a couple minutes later... i complained of the tire marks the bike left on my dress and he got the oxy clean out and asked if it would get grease out. "what grease?" "well i got some grease on the seats" "Are you SERIOUS? we just got the car washed!" yada yada yada... katie's mad. jeremy's sorry. katie's still mad. "can i have a hug and kiss? i don't like it when you're mad at me." "well you better get the grease out while i am at work."

i gathered some food and jeremy made me a sandwich (he is just so sweet) to eat when i got back to work. we hurried to the car so i can hopefully get back in time. i looked at the back seat to find the grease stain and... it was huge! seriously... way bigger than what i thought. i was even more ticked, "why didn't we just go with my idea?!?" but jeremy dropped me back off at work with the promise that it would be gone by the time i was done with work.

an hour and a half later i get a text proudly declaring that the back seat was grease free! i guess dish soap did the trick. it looks perfect..

Thanks Lovey!

Lesson Learned Today- listen to your wife's good ideas


Barb said...

That was a good laugh for the day.... xo mom

Amanda & Joshua said...

SO so true. I always tell Joshua to listen to me and he never does. Husbands think they know everything when just the opposite is true....


Can I even tell you how many of these experiences we've had in our marriage! Looking back, they're funny. At the moment...not so much. Congratulations on making it through your first one with a great sense of humor!

Meditating Mother said...

You are so funny! Those moments in marriage are always going to happen. lol