Friday, August 28, 2009

Can we please talk about...

how excited I am for school?

Yes? Ok good.

I am very very excited. (What an understatement!)

This is always such a fun time of year. I get to go buy all my new colorful notebooks and folders (this year I got blue, pink, & yellow!). I get to buy (and decorate) a new planner that is just waiting to be filled with homework assignments, deadlines, and the emails of fellow classmates. I also get to buy expensive books required for my courses, but we won't talk about that. I just love organizing all of my notebooks and figuring everything out for the semester ahead.

I think something that makes it so exciting is the anticipation of the unknown. I don't really know what this semester has in store for me and I can't wait to find out. I love perusing the syllabus handed out for each class and mapping out the work I have ahead of me. I will discover what classes I love, which professors are ruthless, what textbooks I just can't put down, and what subjects I want to learn more about. Learning new things is just plain fun. I can't get enough!

I also just love my major. Sociology is the best. Hands down! I get to learn about all sorts of things! Issues in Family Sociology, Sociology of Gender, Race & Minorities, Juvenille Delinquency, Social Deviance, Sociology of Medicine, etc.- there are so many classes! I love all of the options. I get to personalize my major and everything I want it to include.

Are you excited for school now, too? I hope so!

So here is to an awesome school year... my senior year of college!

Am I the only one that uses pretty postage stamps as fun stickers?

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Barb said...

You go girl! Way to be a Senior!