Thursday, August 27, 2009

a little whimsy

i just finished beautifying this canvas bag.
(and i love it!) it needed a little something.

i have been working on it for the past couple of nights and now i think it is finished... we will see. i love the whimsical feel of the flowers. don't we all need a little bit more whimsy in life? i think so. you should let your mind run free and beautify one, too! the bag is perfect for carrying my notebooks to school.
(i will have to wait for another post to tell you how excited i am for school. yeah- i am that excited. i can't wait!)


Barb said...

so cute, I love it! It will be perfect for those school notebooks.

NessaB said...

Ooh, that is cute. How come everyone I know is super creative? And I'm not!

So, I want to do something like that for our library bag, but I need to get a canvas bag and then create. Suggestions? Maybe you could give me a lesson when you are down here next? ;)

Kels said...

ah this is adorable!! I need one for my books!! maybe it will make me more excited for school??!