Friday, October 23, 2009

It came!

I received this beauty (on the right) in the mail today.
I am sure a happy girl. I bought it off of Etsy two weeks ago and I had to wait sooooo long for it to arrive. But it finally came! YAY! I love the little camera! It makes me want to go take TONS of pictures of the pretty changing leaves outside. Isn't fall so beautiful! I love all the colors!
Enjoy the beginning of your weekend!


Rachel said...

Hooray!!!!!!! I'm so glad it came!

Kersey said...

awesome! I'm glad it finally came! Etsy never ceases to rock my world. By the way, sorry we haven't returned your movie yet, Elliott and I are sick and confined to our apartment...but I PROMISE I will bring it by ASAP!

p.s. we LOVED it!