Thursday, October 22, 2009

let me rant

i don't like it when:
jeremy and i meet someone and they only ask about what he is studying and what he is planning on doing in the future. excuse me...isn't my education important? doesn't it matter what i am studying, too? yes... yes it does. i have career plans. i will have kids in the future, but a girl can do more than produce children, she can teach them what she has learned.

we are in a group of people and someone starts talking about golf and
they turn to each guy in the group and ask them if they play. hey... i play golf. i played two seasons for my high school thank you very much. and yes i am a girl, so i may not drive the ball as far... but i bet mine goes right down the middle.

we are talking about mens' bodies and womens' bodies in one of my classes and the teacher said something about how we all understand that
men have better bodies than women. i just had to make a comment. men might be taller and have more muscle mass. but if you don't mind... womens' bodies are so powerful. women have the capacity to nourish and bring a new child into this world. that is priceless and beyond comparison.

i like it when:
we are at an event with couples and
only the men are introducing themselves and their wives (who don't say a word), but when it comes to us, jeremy already knows what i am thinking and doesn't mind when i am the one to announce who we are and what we are doing in life.


Dave and Leslie said...

ha! Ha! you go girl! I love it Katie! SO TRUE! :) And can I just say ONE MORE TIME -- thank you sooo so so much for helping Matt get that job! It has been such a blessing! :)

Kersey said...

right on! I love that about Preston and I as well. I am usually the one to speak up and introduce. And, not that I am a "feminist" persay, but come on! Just listen to what the brethren say in their conference talks about woman..they LOVE women!! And the MEN get a beat down at priesthood...but again, not a feminist.

Rach said...

i agree with you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!! seriously! you and j rock :)

kelli said...

Love it! Don't ever ever ever change.