Tuesday, November 24, 2009

100 things.

I am grateful for:

my hot husband (pictured above). my awesome family. my husband's awesome family. Jesus Christ. the gospel. my testimony that it's true. the comfort and happiness it brings to me. our car. warm hoodies. birthdays. holidays. cookies. cream slushes from Sonic. italian sodas. my moccasins. bright nail polish. opportunity to go to college. my job. Vans shoes. laughter. letters from Sammy. my camera. being alive. my priceless experiences in Romania. my mom/daughter trip exploring Europe. caramel popcorn. knitted hats. pictures of Jeremy and I. my cell phone. my laptop. blogging. bright flats. anything zebra print. airplanes. doctors. hot chocolate. friendship bracelets. sweatpants. cheeseburgers from Stumpy Burger. curly fries. the scriptures. new school supplies. friends. dominoes. fun skirts. brownies. homemade music videos. ice cream. mittens. good books. the ducks at the duck pond. contacts so I can see. Sundays. singing. crafts. learning. meteor showers. our love fern. memories. Rubik's Cubes. blankets. the first snow of the season. California speed. the internet. Jeremy's job. temples. green grass. s'mores. BYU fudge. people who dress modestly. cook books. the office. the beach. a dish washer. my sewing machine. marriage. love. e-mail. sociology 112. the movie "What's Up Doc". my blood thinner. American medicine practices. my body. soccer. tennis. a hot shower. my ancestors. crayons. new haircuts. the sun. summer time. polish hot dogs topped with the special sauce from J'Dawg's. fun trips with Jeremy. the gap outlet. tortilla chips. paper towels. heaters. a place to live. the spirit of Christmas. kind, self-less people that I can learn to be more like.

It is the season of giving thanks. May we find ourselves with gratitude in our hearts during this wonderful time.

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Barb said...

love the list... I am so glad Gap outlet is on there! Ha Ha xoxo