Thursday, November 19, 2009


This morning I had some time between my classes.

So I found a warm building, a deserted hall, and an empty bench to plop down on. I thought it would be the perfect place to try and decipher an impossible book that I need to read for my class tomorrow.

"Pension Puzzles" by Hardy and Hazelrigg. Let's discuss the ins and outs of Social Security. Ahhhhh! So I was trying to wrap my head around that topic and two male students rolled in and sat on the bench right next to me.

What? Don't they know the rules of proximity when it comes to public studying places on campus? A whole post can be dedicated to those rules... but I will tackle that another day. As I tried to understand benefits, redistribution, markets, risk, etc., etc., these boys were quite the distraction.

They must have been majoring in Middle Eastern Studies because they were practicing their Hebrew. One boy was talking about how Arabic was three times harder than Hebrew. The other said that he bet it wasn't three times as hard, but maybe two times as hard. Seriously? That boy had an OBSESSION with the word, "Word." He would say it after everything. Word. No joke. Word. Spare me! Word. The other boy was singing in Hebrew. Word. They practiced some Hebrew phrases they looked up on the internet. Word. And then they sang some more. Word.

I read 10 pages in 30 minutes and I'm not sure I really understood anything. But I highlighted some stuff, so that counts for something. Word. I was so close to asking that boy to stop. Word. I mean I was trying to study. Word.

Find a different bench... please.



NessaB said...

I love your humor.

Erica said...

You are in Erickson's Family Class, aren't you?

Katie said...

yeah, i'm in erickson's class. its pretty interesting.