Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Halloween!

We became SUPERHEROS! Introducing J-MAN and K-WOMAN...

We used our super human strength to carve our pumpkin and to clean out the slimey insides. Somehow I always end up doing the gross part. Thanks J-MAN.

We used our invisible powers to hide from the hungry children in the neighborhood. We had to turn all of the lights off for a while because we heard kids running around outside. We even ignored the door twice. You just can't open a door empty handed on Halloween. Sorry guys!

Then we used the radiation from our eyes to bake sugar cookies. We made them in the shapes of pumpkins! But they are those cool white pumpkins because we don't have food coloring. What kind of house doesn't have food coloring?? Don't worry it has been added to the shopping list.
We used our super sonic speed to deliver cookies to friends because it's good to share the love.


Barb said...

oh so fun...such a fun holiday!

KinseyBug said...

You are so cute I love the cotumes!!!