Friday, December 18, 2009


we are both done with finals, so we had a fun night to celebrate.
we ate at Jason's Deli. we always ate here when we first started dating, so it seems so... us.
i love it! see my hot festive nails?

we heart all you can eat ice cream!

then we rushed home to open some christmas presents! we figured we weren't going to haul them to vegas (we're flying), so we might as well open them early to celebrate being done with school. so we had a mini christmas.

we were spoiled with fun movies, awesome gift cards, a customized embosser (i know... so cool),

(from mama and papa clover)

we tested it out right away...
i am practicing bowling and jeremy is tearing it up on the tennis courts

thank you to family who sent us our gifts early... we are loving it.


made by matchgirl said...

dang! that is AWESOME! congrats on finishing AND on an early Christmas!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you decided to open the Wii early. It looks like so much fun!

olivia said...

Hi Katie!

Love your mini Christmas! And love Jason's Deli. Ben and I ate there just before finals AND just after...

Have you tried Communal yet? Hope you're having fun in Vegas!

Worthy said...

You guys should come over and play Wii with us...we have this awesome game!!! We've got Wii Fit too...when you come back!!!

Lindsey said...

okay that is DEFINITELY me in the background:)

i am glad you guys had a fun christmas!