Sunday, December 20, 2009

reason #37

to avoid travelling without your spouse

today i was in the airport to fly to vegas.

i was on my way to my gate, going down the escalator, and noticed this guy getting closer to me. i scooted over to the right to allow him to pass and looked back at him with a smile. (wrong move, don't smile at single college boys who are on the hunt.)

he started talking to me, asking where i was going, where i was coming from; just airport small talk. he (shall we call him stan? sure, it rhymes with his real name) had missed his flight this morning and was on stand-by hoping to fly home. we walked down the long hall flanked with food, souvenirs, and magazines to find that our gates were in the same area. we said good-bye anyways, i went to the right, he went to the left, and he added that hopefully he would see me later. (yeah, ok.)

i found a seat, made some phone calls, and then pulled out a magazine to flip through. later i looked up to see who else was flying out and stan, waving for me to come sit by him, caught my eye. (wrong move again, don't agree to go sit by single college boys who are on the hunt.)

stan was seated next to another guy who was strumming on his guitar (let's call him... drew, because it's part of his real name). drew scooted over a chair allowing me to sit by stan. i was sandwiched between my new friends... perfect.

stan explained to me that he had heard drew playing some chords, sat down, introduced himself, and told him to keep playing. he had then come up with some lyrics to the music and he wanted to share them with me. then he told me that there was really no reason for him to miss his flight this morning and that maybe this was why. (ok, really? i am not the girl of your dreams here....

drew started his strumming and stan was trying to get into the mood... eyes closed with his upper body swaying. he kept saying that he was SO nervous. (that's ok... i can leave. can i? please?) this may have been where he finally saw my wedding ring because he suddenly asked me to switch spots with drew; he needed to "feel" the music. well, i guess it worked becuause stan finally started singing. drew strummed, stan sang, and i sat there wishing i wasn't there.

out of no where, (well, really this whole thing was out of no where) stan gathers his stuff and leaves. not even a merry christmas. so i chatted with drew, might as well talk to this new friend. stan returned less than a minute later saying that his flight hadn't boarded yet. he sat back down, turned to me and said, "i noticed your ring, are you married?" YES, YES I AM!

needless to say, i most definitely prefer travelling with my hot husband. then i can chat with him and maybe even be serenaded by him instead of some stranger. (he is coming wednesday)


Rachel said...

Holy cow! I can't believe he didn't look for a ring BEFORE he went after you! You're just too cute! That's pretty bad, but I don't think traveling with your spouse makes much of a difference...a reporter came up to Travis (while I was standing RIGHT there) and was like, hey, I'm doing a story, is this a good place to pick up chicks? Have you ever hooked up with anyone here? Would you hook up with her (pointing at someone else)? And Trav was like, um, this is my wife over here... awkward!!!

jeremy said...

Ya, I like the idea of us traveling together too haha!!!

Barb said...

i TOLD you not to talk to strangers. xoxo mom

Amy said...

That is HILARIOUS. I don't know that you could ever blow anyone off though -- you're too nice. I could give you lessons on how to not talk to strangers...or what to say to them politely and make a point...or not so politely...

But that was really a funny story!

Worthy said...

Oh my...what a dud! I usually start fixing my bangs with my wedding ring hand so they can see it shining brightly before them...hahah